here’s a quick environment speedpaint i did of FE4’s chapter one! i imagine verdane would be really pretty, so i really wanted to sketch out some environments for it. i dunno, “the kingdom of forests and lakes” always sounded really romantic to me, heh.

September 11 | 12:49 | 31♥ | proofofinvincibility


aand the color palette meme: FE13/fire emblem awakening edition!!


color palette meme: tales of edition!!

remember those mega requests i asked for nine months ago?? well, i’m finally posting some of them (i haven’t done them all). i’m pretty sure/hoping mega flygon will be released in ORAS, so i might as well post my rendition before it gets jossed.

July 12 | 12:01 | 50♥

my entry for the twitterdex! i had the luck of getting karrablast, one of my favorite pokemon (and the pre-evo of my all time favorite). there are only a few slots left, but check it out if you’re interested!

March 1 | 4:42 | 7♥

hey guys!! i’m just posting here to say i’m NOT dead—i just haven’t had much time to make art i think is good enough for this blog recently. i’m still working on the megas; my computer crashed so i’ve been procrastinating on digging into the hard drive to save my work.

HOWEVER, if any of you are interested in some doodles from me, i’ve been keeping a doodle blog! i post a lot more there, and feel free to check out the stuff i put there/follow! if you do, thanks so much!! the bulk of it right now is snk and pokemon since i’ve been doing some daily art challenges, but i hope to branch out more in the future. i also socialize a bit more there.

thanks for taking the time to read this!! hopefully i can post more here soon.

February 25 | 2:34
kotoneshiomi:gosh your stuff is great!! uvu

AH WAH when did you send this IM TERRIBLE AND NEVER CHECK MY ART BLOG but thank you so much!! you’re way more amazing than i ever could be (/□\*)・゜

January 14 | 10:43

UM hey guys! i’ve been having a lot of fun with pokemon y recently and i wonder if you guys have too?? either way, i’ve been pretty uninspired lately so i thought i might ask you guys to send me some pokemon to design fake mega evolutions of!

it’s ok if you don’t like pokemon; regardless, please send me some!! it’s fine if you’ve never talked to me before! they can be any fully evolved pokemon, and i don’t care whether you send me your favorite, a pokemon you think would be difficult to design, or just a random one!! shoot me an ask or just reply to this.

sooo please send me some… i’d be very thankful if you could… you guys are the best!!

November 19 | 2:16 | 2♥